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Every aspect of our personal and business lives is impacted by mathematics. Its influence is far reaching – from occurring as patterns in nature to being a prime component in technology and commerce.  It was described by an 18th century mathematician as “the science that draws necessary conclusions.”  This still stands today as a good working definition of  the outcomes of mathematical process when designing, troubleshooting, manufacturing, and producing a range of products and applications.

Breaking Down the Problem

Winning businesses rely on process and product efficiencies, business optimization, market forecasting, product innovation and other areas of strategic focus. As a matter of course, their leaders, directors and managers of technical projects must address a variety of pivotal problems or challenges, especially at the early stages of analysis and design.  Frequently, when these situations present themselves, the team cannot be sure how to solve them or what level of difficulty is entailed. 

The Common Thread

The underlying factor in all of these disciplines is the use of mathematics.  As the complexity of the product or application increases, the more pivotal mathematical reasoning becomes in analyzing and understanding patterns that will lead to a solution.

Building a Path to the Answer

Math is not about knowing the answer; it shows what to do and how to think when you don’t know the answer. Yet, many organizations do not have in-house mathematics expertise, even though companies who use mathematical methods have a clear edge on the competition.  STAR is ideally positioned to assist information-intensive organizations with contract mathematical expertise – designing the problem approach, ascertaining the necessary inputs, and identifying the solution that delivers the results you need. Let us do the math so you can run your business.



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SIRCE March 15th 2017

It is with great excitement that STAR Analytical Services announces the award of the NIH grant, SIRCE. With the innovative use of mathematical techniques and algorithm development, STAR proposes to change how hearing aid users experience complex audio in reverberant spaces. This project will support a hearing aid-compatible system for listeners to hear conversations and other sounds without the interference of reverberation and strong echoes, particularly when multiple sounds must first be separated.

To hear a demonstration of this processing, with a stirring speech and a fascinating discussion of the mathematical techniques, review the samples below. For more information click here:

Sample Input:
Sample Output 1:
Sample Output 2:

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