We regularly work with several academic consultants as well as other companies with specific expertise needed for projects.

PictureSolve.com is providing a service specialized in extracting latent information from photographic images. We use sophisticated signal processing methods to precisely measure a picture’s degradation, and then invert it to restore hidden information. Our programs were originally developed for Forensic and Law Enforcement applications, and they go beyond image sharpening and filtering tools offered by commonly available commercial imaging/graphics packages.

Complicated Pattern Discrimination to Reveal Fingerprint

In Forensic applications, one often finds the need for such filtering to segregate the desired information (e.g. fingerprint) from an obscuring background.  The photos above show how Fourier Filtering can be combined with color enhancement to achieve this. The ridge pattern is lifted very effectively from a confusing background using an algorithm to separate overall periodic structures from the features of interest.